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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Takotsubo cardiomyopathy or Broken Heart Syndrome: By Mairead Ashcroft 23/8/17

When we experience extreme grief we might also experience physical symptoms that reflect our emotional pain. One way that we often describe this intensity, is heart ache and heart break. We may feel as if our hearts are being crushed, trampled on, torn apart or shredded. Some people may experience such pains that they fit the patters and severity of having a heart attack as known in it's organic form, sudden onset of chest pain, lack of oxygen and other mimicking symptoms. I have been undergoing far from typical, every day stress and although previously diagnosed with an existing heart condition, feel that my recent worsening symptoms may be due to the string of stressful weeks that have passed.

  • Week 7 - 3 year old grandson diagnosed with kidney cancer followed by 6 weeks chemo and surgery today. 
  • Week 6 - Youngest son broke thumb requiring surgery.
  • Week 5 - Husband diagnosed malignant melanoma requiring surgery
  • Week 4 - My childhood sexual abuser released from jail to return to U.S retaining his full religious title
  • Week 3 - Youngest son falls, tries to protect his thumb, breaks collar bone in 3 places, requires surgery, Husband wins the Grand Raffle at the football club and I begin to experience chest pain
  • Week 2 -  Chest pain intensifies, invasive tests required
  • Week 1-Today Grandson underwent kidney surgery and is now in intensive care
And it's not over yet!
Although the tests will show that I am quite fit and healthy, it is always important to rule out organic factors when symptoms which resemble serious conditions are present. If at any time you feel that you might be experiencing symptoms of heart disease, get it checked out. It is always better to be safe than to be dead. Some might feel that this type of illness is fake or attention seeking. Read the link below to find out more about just how powerful the effects of stress hormones can be on the human body and what the mechanics of Broken Heart syndrome are and how to deal with them.
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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Music : Native American Flutes - Forest Sounds

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

What I wish people knew about OCD: By Jeremy Little

Every Kid is ONE Caring Adult Away From Being a Success Story : By Josh Shipp

Six Ways Developmental Trauma Shapes Adult Identity - Dissociation from oneself has long-term implications for who we become: By Grant H. Brenner

My response to comments made by Fr Solma in this article: Having Hartman's title removed has nothing to do with punitive punishment or satisfying my desires. It is about trying to ensure the safety of children and vulnerable adults from believing that Hartman is a man who can be trusted. Should a doctor, teacher, counsellor or lawyer who is found guilty of raping and beating children be permitted to introduce themselves under such respected titles. I think not. I agree with 24/7 supervision but because of past experience, I do not trust the supervisors. They have already proven themselves unreliable. Once again I see no remorse in statement made by Solma in this interview, nor in the decisions made by the church. Mairead Ashcroft 26/7/17